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How can one know that his spiritual search is authentic or an ego trip

If you don’t know if you are confused, then know well that this is an ego trip. If you are not confused if you know well that this authentic, if there is no confusion  at all then it is authentic. And it is not a question of deceiving someone else. It is a question deceiving or no deceiving oneself.

Is Response-ability means you should turn the other cheek ?

Response comes from your self. Reaction is created by the other person. He has hit you. He is the master of the situation and you are simply a puppet. You are reacting. His action is decisive and because he ahs done something now you are doing something in reaction.

Your Resilience Is Your Tool In Attending To The Coronavirus Anxiety!

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. – Haruki Murakami The death of a loved one, the loss of a treasured job, finding oneself to be extremely sick – these are all a few examples of traumatic experiences. One finds oneself in a pool of emotions and uncertainty at the end of such situations.  However, over […]

Listen, Contemplate, Meditate, and Realize

In Vedic traditions one of the most difficult disciplines the seeker (student) has to learn is the art of listening deeply with an open heart and mind and then chewing the essence and metabolizing it into the pure light of spiritual effulgence. The first stage of listening from this Hindu perspective is called Shravana, which […]