We breathe in and breathe out about 20,000 times in day without really being aware of it. However, the way we breathe impacts our emotional, mental and physical health to a very large extent.
Breathing properly helps in keeping our stress levels in check, increases our immunity, energises us, makes us tackle anxiety and fear better, makes our workouts work better, helps in keeping away diseases that are aggravated by lack of right amount of oxygen – in short it helps us in being leading a happier life. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Our bodies are supplied with the right amount of oxygen by breathing right, which is necessary for brain and other vital organs to function properly.  And not breathing properly can impact our oxygen levels, leading to many ailments.
Even a small level of CO2 is needed to maintain right level of acidity in our cells and to function properly.
A few disadvantages of not breathing right are:

  1. It impacts the nervous system which leads to a tense body and much higher levels of stress.
  2. The blood vessels constrict leading to higher blood pressure, which, as we know, impacts our heart.
  3. Bad breathing leads to less delivery of oxygen to the cells. As an outcome the cells struggle for survival and development suffers.
  4. The brain, the heart and muscles are big consumers of oxygen– and if these three are not getting right oxygen, it impacts our emotional, physical and mental health.

How to breathe correctly
Ideal breathing is to breathe like a baby – deep relaxing breathes from our abdomen.
There are six easy principles to breathe right and get the best effects. A sure way of making your breathing more relaxed and harmonic, leading to a happier life:
1.Inhale through the nose as it prepares the air coming in to be used by the body. If you breathe in through your mouth more of unfiltered air comes in the body.
2. At least 70 to 80% of inhaling should be done by diaphragm to keep your breathing deep and rhythmic. It has a positive impact on heart, lungs, immune system and reduces pressure on various organs in the upper body.
3.Breathing in a relaxed manner makes us relaxed and helps in removing the stress in our minds and tension in our body. Body tunes in to breathing. When the body is relaxed, health is good, energy is high and it comes easy to be happy and loving toward yourself and others.
4.Our body is like the other beautiful creations of nature has a rhythm. If our breathing too is rhythmic, it makes our existence harmonious.
5. Extend your exhale. It helps in increasing relaxation and making the inhale deeper and more rhythmical. Some experts suggest that inhale should be 2-3 seconds, exhale 3-4 seconds followed by a pause for 2-3 seconds.
6. Keep your posture straight as it gives a deeper breathing space. Your organs are not compressed and you breathe easy.
If you are wondering how to attain these – it can be done with initial practice on a regular basis.
Practice Conscious breathing – check how you are breathing through the day.  Are there situations in which your breathing is not proper – or day parts? Focus on them and work towards making your breathing even and rhythmic in such situations. It would also make you more aware of the tension in your body and help you relax.
Proper breathing is critical to mental and physical health.  It can be your first step in the right direction for a happy life. Yoga, meditation and for that matter all wellness sciences focus on breathing due to numerous benefits it offers.