What is the use of desiring that which you can attain? Why ask for something that you will get anyway? if you must ask, if you must wish, then desire that which you cannot attain.
It is very strange. IF it cannot be attained, then what is the point of asking? IF it is definitely unattainable, and you cannot have it, then what can possibly come to you from desiring it? and if it can be attained by desiring it, then why call it unattainable? It was attainable in the first place, that is why by desiring you attained. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
So you will have to understand this Sutra. What is unattainable? that which can be found is not unattainable – then what is unattainable? there is one thing which is unattainable because you already have it and there is not question of having to attain it the question of not attaining it does not even arise. 
You can attain only that which you don’t already have but you already have your inner being. It is not unattained, it is already attained. That is why it has been called “unattainable” – there is no way to attain it, there is only a way to uncover it. There is not need to attain it, There is only a need to recognise it. Realisation, recognition , remembrance – that is enough. You dont have to do anything else to attain it, simply move the curtain aside and it is there. It has  always been there, it has always been present within.
When Buddha became enlightened, some one asked him “what have you attained? Please tell us.”
Buddha said. ” nothing has been attained. Yes, plenty has been lost, but nothing has been attained, because what has been attained was already there. I was ignorant, I did not know about it. I lost much, I lost myself, I lost ignorance. All the dreams, all the desires, all the wishes were lost but I cannot say what has attained because it was already there. I attained to that which was already attained. that is why the sutra says unattainable.”
It is also unattainable in a sense that will never be able to hold it in your fist as you keep journeying within, you will begin to disappear. You will never attain to it. Before you can attain, you will have disappeared – O my friend seeking and searching, Kabir has been dissolved.