One evening a group of friends were out to have some fun. It was a beautiful full moon night and they had drunk a lot. It was a beautiful night, so they all decided to go to the lake and take a boat trip. They sat down in a boat, picked up the oars and started to row. They continued to row until that last hour of the night. By dawn when a cool breeze stated to blow and touch their faces and the moon had almost disappeared from the horizon they had become a little sober. A couple of them became sober and said , ” Friends we must have come very far. We have been rowing the whole night;  now it is time to go back. By the time we reach home it will be midday. We must be far from the shore. ” They thought, “Let us see how far we have come.”
They were stunned at what they saw, they had not gone anywhere; the boat was in exactly the same place. They had forgotten to untie the chains, and so the boat was still in the same place. The chains were still tied to the boat. They were very surprised; they had rowed a great deal, but hadn’t gone any where. They said, “We just wasted our effort in rowing the whole night and thinking we had gone a long way. We are in the same place. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Someone who wants to free his thinking and intelligence must inevitably untie his chains from the shore of belief. Someone who is tied somewhere to a belief must remember that he can’t set off on a journey in the world of truth. He will not reach anywhere. At the end of his life he will find he is standing exactly where he started ; he standing exactly at the point where he was given the belief by his parents. The journey has been futile; the rowing has been futile. The effort has been wasted. AT the time of death he is still bound by the same thought and beliefs that his parents and society game him. The life of such a man has been misfortune. His journey has been wasted. He forgot to untie his chains from the shore.