Love is a small lamp, but it is enough, infact more than enough. You don’t need to carry a sun with you, just a small lamp is enough in the dark night. Of course it sheds light only a few feet ahead of you but thats all that is needed : You walk those few steps, than the light goes the few steps ahead and it is always ahead of you. Love is a small lamp in the heart, but it is enough, nothing more is needed for life’s pilgrimage. It goes on showing you the right path. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
If one starts listening to one’s heart, there is no need to listen to another commandment. Then existence goes whispering within you and showing you the way.
Often people start to meditate, to pray, to search within, but they want everything so quirkily, like in instant coffee – and it cannot be instant coffee.  so they drop the whole project, and then after a few days, again they start digging somewhere else. In this way they waste energy, they destroy many, many, places in their being and after each failure they become more and more depressed and hopeless.
One has to dig in one place with total effort with absolute commitment. thats what sannyaas is. It is a commitment a categorical commitment, to find the source of wisdom in you, what so ever the cause and how so ever long it takes. Your decision is absolute and you are not going to turn back. Then it does not take long.
The paradox is that the more patient you are, the quicker it happens, the more impatient you are the longer it takes. and once you find your inner being it explodes into thousands of songs – songs like Solomon’s songs, songs of Love and Joy, songs of beauty and benediction.