Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari
In the world of Grace there are no boundaries, no impossibilities. Grace is perennial, always available; we are enveloped with this divine hug all the time! But as we are engrossed in worldly affairs we miss the connection to this grace field and the opportunity to elevate ourselves to a higher dimension of life in the midst of our daily chores. Blessed are they who breathe grace for mindfully experiencing our breath is the easiest and simplest path to inner peace!
Yes, what a grace our breath is! The whole universe is breathing through us. As we meditate upon our breath, as the mind surfs the breaths and experiences the flow of the vital life energy in and out, bridging the inner and the outer worlds, we are in spontaneous state of unity. We are instantly centered. We are in bliss! Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
In order to experience this centeredness we have to wed our mind with our breath. As they both share the same source of energy, one compliments the other. When we withdraw the mind, which is “consciousness”, from worries and tensions, and yoke it to our breath, it abides in the quiet tranquility of the breath. If the mind wanders away from watching the breath, become aware and lovingly bring the mind to the flowing prana or life force. Pranayama is the most effective tool to calm the mind and access higher intelligence and wisdom. In that realm of quiet, we can find solutions to all our problems of life. We become an adept to adapt to the vagaries of life. We become peace and love because we are manifesting the grace of our breath.
We need to make it a point to be very strict about our Pranayama, our simple mindful breathing, the deep, long, and mindful breaths of happiness and peace. We can go without food, but not without our pranayama ending our practice with silence, gratitude and meditation.
Peace of mind and radiant joy of the Spirit need a healthy body and mind to blossom. Daily practice of pranayama makes the physical instrument perfect for the Divine to play its music. Meditation practice expects us to first go through pranayama, experiencing the grace of our breath; then we are ready to touch the subtler cords of our inner existence for the mystic experience of true love for the Beloved.