It is possible your freedom may take you lower than your slavery, because the slavery had a certain discipline, it had a certain morality, it had certain principles. It had a certain organised religion to look after you, to keep you afraid of punishment and hell, to keep you greedy for rewards and heaven, and to keep you a little above the wild animal – who has freedom, yes, but that freedom has not made the animal a higher being. It has not given him any quality of consciousness that you can appreciate. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Nietzsche had no idea that just to give freedom is not enough – not only no enough, it is dangerous, it may reduce man to animality. In the name of freedom he may loose his path towards higher states of consciousness.
When God is dead, religion as an organised body is dead – and man is free to be himself. For the first time he is free to explore his innermost being with no hindrances. He is free to dive into the depths of his being, rise to the heights of hsi consciousness. there is nobody to hinder him, his freedom is total. But this freedom is possible only if we can save something that I call the quality of religiousness, so that a quality of religiousness is alive and is perfectly harmonious with human freedom; it enhances human growth.
By “Religiousness”  I mean that the human being, as he is, is not enough. We can be more, we can be enormously more. Whatever the human being is, is only a seed. We do not know what potential we are carrying within ourselves.
Religiousness simply means a challenge to grow, a challenge for the seed to come to its ultimate peak of expression, to burst forth in thousands of flower and release the fragrance that was hidden in it. That fragrance I call religiousness. It has nothing to do with your so called religions, it has nothing to do with God, it has nothing to do with priest hood: it has something to do with you and your possibilities of growth.