We have invented different words, but pictures are not our invention. Pictures are the universal language of the human mind. A painting, therefore, is understood anywhere in the world. There is no need to change your language to understand a sculpture and Khajuraho or a painting by Leonardo. A sculpture at Khajuraho will be as understood by a Chinese, a french man and a german as it is by you. And if you visit the museum of the Louvre in France, you will have no difficulty in following the paintings either. You may not understand the titles, because they are in french, but you will have no problem following the paintings. the language of pictures is everyone’s language. n
The language of words is useful during the day, but it is not useful at night. We again , become primitive at night. We disappear in sleep as we are. We loose our degrees, our university education, everything. We are transported to a point where the original man once stood. That is why pictures emerge at night in sleep, and words appear during the day. IF we want to make love during the day , we can think in terms of words, but at night there is no way to express love except through images. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Thoughts do not seem as alive as dreams. In dreams the whole image appears before you. That is why we enjoy watching a movie based on a novel more than reading the novel itself. The only reason for this is that the novel is in the language of words while the movie is in the language of images. In the same manner, you feel greater joy being here and listening to me live. You would not feel the same on listening to this talk on a tape, because here the image is present, on tape there are only words. The language of images is nearer to us, more natural. At night words turn into pictures; that is all difference there is
The day dreams disappear, thought disappear too; the day thought disappear, dream disappear as well. If the day is empty on thoughts, the night will be empty of dreams. And remember, dreams don’t allow you to sleep, and thoughts dont’ you to awaken. Make sure you understand both things: Dreams do not let you sleep, and thoughts do not let you awaken. If dreams disappear, sleep will be total; if thoughts disappear, awakening will be total. If the awakening is total and the sleep is total, then not much difference exists between the two. The only difference is in keeping the eyes open or closed, and in the body being at work or at rest. One who is totally awakened sleeps totally, but in both states his consciousness remains exactly the same. Consciousness is one, unchangeable; only the body changes. Awake, the body is at work; asleep, the body is at rest.