Things are there around you because of you. You attract them. If you feel hell around you, it is you who has attracted it. Don’t be angry about it and dont statrt fighting it : It is useless. You attracted, you invited- you have done it! and now your desires are fulfilled: what so ever you need it is around you. And then you start fighting and getting angry. You have succeeded !
Remember always that what so ever is happening around you is rooted in the mind. Mind is always the cause. It is the projector, and outside there are only screens -you project yourself. If you feel it is ugly then change the mind. If you feel what so ever comes from the mind is hellish and nightmarish, then drop the mind. Work with the mind, don’t work with the screen; don’t go on painting it and changing it. Work with the mind. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
But there is one problem, because you think you are the mind. so how can you drop it? So you feel you can drop everything, change everything, repaint, redecorate, rearrange, but how can you drop yourself. That is the root of all trouble.
You are not the mind, you are beyond mind. You have become identified,  that is true, but you are not the mind.
And this is the purpose of meditation: to give you small glimpses that you are not the mind. Even for a few moments the mind stops …… you are still there! On the contrary, you are more, over flowing with being. When the mind stops it is as if a drainage which was continuously draining you has stopped. Suddenly you are over flooded with energy. You feel more!
If even for a single moment you become aware that the mind is not there but ” I am,” you have reached a deep core of truth. Then it will be easy to drop the mind. You are not the mind, otherwise how can you drop yourself? the identification has to be dropped first, then the mind can be dropped.