Ananda lived with Buddha for forty years. One day, he asked Buddha, “One thing surprises me very much; I am intrigued. You will have to answer me. This is just out of curiosity, but I cannot contain it anymore. When you sleep at night I have watched you many times, for hours together, and you sleep in such a way that it seems as if you are awake. You sleep in such a graceful way;  your face, your body – everything is so graceful. I have seen many other people sleeping and they start mumbling, their face goes through contortions, their body loses all grace, their face becomes ugly, they don’t look beautiful anymore…..” All beauty has to managed controlled, practiced; deep sleep it all disappears. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
“And, one thing more,” Ananda said. “You never change your posture, your remain in the same posture. Wherever you put your hand in the beginning, you keep it there the whole night. You never change it. It seems that deep down you are keeping absolutely alert.”
Buddha said, ” You are right. That happens when meditation is perfect.”
Then awareness penetrates your being so deeply that you are aware in all of the four states. When you are aware in all four states then dreaming absolutely disappears, because in an alert mind a dream cannot exist. And the ordinary waking state becomes an extraordinary waking state – what Gurdjieff calls self remembering. One remembers oneself absolutely, each moment. There is no gap. The remembrance in continuity. One becomes a luminous being.
And deep sleep is there, but its quality changes completely. The body is asleep, but the soul is awake and alert, watchful. The whole body is deep in darkness, but the lamp of inner consciousness burs bright.