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Understanding the responsibility of being free

But Frederich Nietzsche statement is only half: Nobody has tried to make it complete. It looks complete, but Frederich  Nietzsche was not aware that there are religions in the world that have no God, Yet even those religions man is not free. He was not aware of Buddhism, Jainism, Taoism – the most profound religions of all.

Thinking takes you away from reality

Stressed woman having so many thoughts

A thinker is never here and now, he is never in the present, he is always somewhere else. A meditator is always here and now, he is nowhere else. That’s why thinking is the only barrier in meditation. You have to become aware and by and by the more you become aware, the more you stop cooperating with thinking.

Tension arises when you are chasing something

People are trying to find happiness, hence the over concern with the body. It is almost an obsession. It has gone beyond the limits of concern to obsession with the body. They are making an effort to have some contract with happiness through the body, and that is not possible.

The Sane Way to Discuss and Debate

Swami Chaitanya Keerti   In the light of growing divide between many communities in India, and all kinds of conflicts are erupting every day into a large-scale violence leading to loss of emotional wellness among individuals and different groups of society. It has become very important to pay attention to the insights given by enlightened […]

Psychology of Vedanta – Your gateway to wisdom, liberation!

My daughter and her friend recently joined Yoga Classes to enhance their fitness levels and learn some meditation techniques (obviously on my behest). When they returned from the class, out of curiosity, I checked on them, “How was the class?” They did not sound much enthusiastic as anticipated, knowing that today’s young generation of today […]