• How to stay motivated in a demotivating atmosphere?
  •  Is the atmosphere motivating or demotivating?
  •  You need to evaluate your atmosphere yourself!

Remaining motivated is key to your survival and well-being. Motivation is the key to all your creativity, aspirations, goals, purpose, and all good things. The moment this feeling seep in, everything falls into place.

Though it’s impossible to remain motivated all the time, you mustn’t be afflicted with demotivation too. Sometimes, you just need a kick in life to get you going and these are some of the ways that will deliver it to you. Trust me, it’s okay to feel demotivated. What is not okay is to remain in it.

If you feel your surroundings are demotivating – home & office or just office or just home or any other place? Understandable, that you have every reason to feel depressed or demotivated. But you should not succumb to the situation, you should sit and evaluate why you feel that way. This feeling doesn’t overtake you without a reason, there could be a subconscious or conscious reason for it. Say for example, as a writer I fear rejection from publishers and feel depressed, if you are a student, your fear failure in competitive exams. You blame it on your surroundings that they are not motivating enough, hence this fear grips you.

Our advice to you would be that you should not take your condition lightly, it may impact not only your present but your future too. You need to address your demotivation by confronting it…

…possibility is that you may find yourself at fault like you are unable to handle the situation, you are running after unattainable goals, you are into conflicts or there are situations that you are unable to figure out. Whatever it is, confront it and get clarity. This will help you perpetually feel motivated until you finish your task.

So, how do you achieve this?

For this, you need to change the focus of your thinking and make different choices whenever necessary.

Besides, you need to make certain lifestyle changes like you should not be afraid to make mistakes and learn something every day. Some attitudinal changes are also needed like staying positive and remaining invested in different hobbies.

If your office atmosphere is demotivating, how can you stay motivated there? Here you need to regularly review your goals and progress, continue to set new goals and keep the momentum up.

Another factor that will help you is finding the right mentors – a mentor is someone who is experienced in the habit you want to change. Also, you can surround yourself with positive people. As for your physical health, use exercise as one of your daily goals to improve your mental health. Moreover, there’s nothing as refreshing as a walk. Go to places where you’ll find plenty of people, like a mall, shopping complex, station, coffee shops, or other places. This will help you realize that the world appears to have slowed down only to you. People are fast approaching their destinations and everyone is busy with their tasks.

To top it all, do not seek solace from demotivation on your smartphone. They are causing enough depression in our subconscious minds, and if you look at it when you’re low, you’ll end up feeling worse. Without getting into a debate, it is suggested that you keep away from your phone. You should not use social media or YouTube because they tend to slow down your thought process further. At this time, you need something that will charge you up, rather than sitting in one place and skimming your phone. It is most dangerous as it is a passive form of communication, it doesn’t help you in any manner, particularly if you are demotivated.

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To top it all, you need to follow the patterns/ habits of those people who remain motivated in a demotivating atmosphere. To achieve this, as a first measure, you must try to find out “Why” are you depressed. Like them, you need to change your beliefs about what’s possible, change the beliefs that limit you, and spend more time on your values.

Besides, you need to surround yourself with catalysts, build better feedback loops and “Pull” yourself forward with compelling goals.

Believe me, that success will stop playing hide and seek from you. It will all be yours! However, success can be defined in many ways; it can be happiness for one person and wealth for another. It can be peace for one and respect for another. Everyone can define success in their way, but in general, it is a feeling of satisfaction and happiness. Your life’s mantra should be HappyHo!

As aptly defined by Sir Winston Churchill, “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”

I hope, you are feeling motivated now!!