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World needs Krishna’s flute

The whole world appears to be in turmoil. No country in the world is living without fear of war.  US, UK, Japan, North Korea, India, Pakistan, China, Russia, ISIS affected countries, Israel, Turkey and several more.  Each has both internal and external conflicts. So much so peace and happiness loving  countries such as Bhutan and […]

What Does It Take To Be Client-Centered In Therapy?

Client-centered therapy or person-centered therapy is a non-directive kind of talk therapy developed by Carl Rogers. Coming from a humanistic perspective, Rogers believed that people are innately good. He also strongly believed that people have an actualizing tendency or the ability to work towards achieving the best they can out of themselves.  And based on […]

Why Insecurity Makes You Aggressive…


Aggression is often due to insecurity.  When thrown outside aggression hurts others while when it is goes inside the person it creates stress. What is insecurity? Insecurity is always related to future. The mind has this unique quality to exist only in future and therefore all insecurities are related to future. Insecurities related to our […]

Why Skeptics Believe That To Hold Any Knowledge Is Impossible

Jonathan Dancy is a 20th century British philosopher who has written on ethics and epistemology. In his text, An Introduction to Contemporary Epistemology, Dancy offers us three arguments that the skeptics offer us to prove the uncertainty of knowledge. These are ‘Brains in Vats Argument’, ‘The Argument from Error’ & ‘The Arguments from Experience’.Skepticism is […]

Aristotle’s Ideas About Life (& Love) Will Brighten Up Your Day!

Let’s see what the ancient Greek Philosopher had to say about life! 1. Pain Is Essential Aristotle believed that to learn something important, one had to exert both physically and mentally. And many a times, this effort towards learning involved pain. He encouraged us to embrace this pain and see its bright side: the learning. […]