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Make others feel special…

How do you feel when someone makes you feel special? Elated. Indeed. Certainly. In the same way, you should also attempt to make someone feel special. Feel the magic! How nice you feel and how nice the other person feels. It is a win-win situation for both of you.  I propose you be the person […]

How to handle any difficult situation?

Confronting difficult situations every now and then? Not an unusual scenario! All of us face such situations day in and day out… …There is no guaranteed formula to follow to overcome such difficult situations but you can ease the pain by working on your attitude as per your aptitude. “It is only in our darkest […]

Is it good to control our emotions or go with them?

If we “control” our emotions, if we go with them, we are damned either way! Given the choice, we should learn to control our emotions for peace of mind. As powerful emotions can feel like you’re on a runaway horse. Emotional self-regulation helps you take back the reins. But it is easier said than done! […]