The biggest enemy of happiness is worry. We are trained that all the time we keep our mind engaged no matter even f it create worries. Worries are actually biggest killer of human life. No disease is bigger than worry. Most of the troubles of life are originating from worries.
People hide worries and try to run them under the carpet. Then suddenly they surface with vengeance and we are doomed in it. If we try to understand what Worry is, it is nothinng but a state of mind which is easily alterable provided we are aware about the traps that mind creates. Mind is a disobedient servant as we let the control go to him and ultimately we end up serving the mind. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
You worry because you want to worry. You worry for everything in life. You worry for good and bad equally. Why anything good or bad happens  to you alone. Your ego.  You are the chosen one,  so you worry. The world knows nothing about your worry but for a worrying person his or her worry is the world.
If we dissect worry a bit, we find it has three elements in it. Fear, Comparison and doubt. The mind as I said is a servant to serve us but we serve him with a worrying heart. We think that worrying is from heart. NO it is purely a mind game.  Worry is mind’s trick to keep us engaged and keep us under its control.  Mind does not allow us to rest and therefore the ego of a worrying person needs all the attention of the world. It fears for unknown and continuously compare it with the other. Worrying person has a huge oscillating mind in past and future, and what he miss in this oscillation a beautiful moment of present.
Worry as a disease has reached epidemic proportions in most nations. Actually political class is happy when the people are worrying. It helps them to hide the shortcomings and performance of their government. If people are happy no one will be interested in politicians. Politician finds it easy to divide the worrying minds and rule over the people. So no politician will ever want you to be rid of your miseries. The countries which are ranked higher on happiness quotient in the world actually have lesser worrying people. They think less about war and more about peace. A peaceful heart is one with itself and so less worries. Humour s the best medicine for a worrying mind. Enjoy humour. Cut jokes on yourself and laugh a loud to let go your worries.
By the way do you have a Problem, NO. Then why worry. Be Happy.
Do you have the solution for your  problem, yes. Then why worry. Be Happy.
And if you cannot do anything about your problem.  Then why worry. Be Happy.