Hindus in India were the first in the world to declare the power of “I Am”  the state of “I am” is the first step towards self realisation. As a child and even later as an adult we are often told that the way we describe ourselves has an impact on our state of mind. We have been told about many phrases that we should repeat to the mirror every day. If you continue to say, ” I am happy” you will be actually more happier. But we most often associate ” I Am” with negative terms. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Latest researches have shown that the two words ‘I am” are the magic words that have an immense impact on how successful we will be in our life and work, both. Every religion in the world has given huge importance to the ask self exploration and recognises the power of ” I AM”
But I fail to understand why ‘I am’ is usually used to highlight or describe our negative behaviour. For example “I am lazy” and “I am not clever enough.” But  the problem is that when we use these two words in this way, we are not actually describing our behavior, we are  in fact describing who we are.
As a result, we begin to subconsciously associate these negative descriptors as markers of our character and identity, which leads to more negative thoughts and opens the door to psychological disorders like depression.
Instead, if we must describe something negative about ourselves, be specific. If you are late submitting a report, rather  than “I am a procrastinator” describe the action as  “I am feeling tired now.”
In a study undertaken by Green Peak Partners and Cornell University examining 72 executives at public and private companies, it was found that a high self-awareness score was the strongest predictor of overall success.
It is the non-judgmental quality an essential component to self-awareness.
So to be more productive and steer clear of negativity, do not take refuge in criticism. Reserve ‘ I am’ for empowerment and pave the way for over all success.