World is passing a phase of painful transformation in political, social and economic spheres. Even religion is not spared. India is no exception as well. We see conman being termed as Godman. They are wolf in skin of sheep. They have built their empires looting the faith of innocent people and have taken the advantage of their illiteracy towards religion. Their followers are insane crowd of sleeping people, who do not hesitate in committing heinous crime and violence in the name of faith in religion. We have such conmen in all religions of the world. Sometimes it appears that God is such an abused word.
Actually, they are goons and are hiding under the garb of Godman. In every religion and culture we see these godmen who claim to be the messenger of God.  There is no godliness in such people, who only know to spread hatred and violence. Unfortunately they choose their followers who believe in magic of them getting to meet the God. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
When will the world understands that the God is dead and is killed by these people only. The God has moved into godliness which you  acquire if you deserve it.
In east we call godly person a Guru. Guru is a significant word. Guru has two words, Gu means darkness and ru means one who dispel the darkness. So Guru is one who dispels darkness and lead you on path of light.  But these conmen are Gugu,  one who leads his followers from darkness to darkest. How important is it to have the wisdom for choosing a Guru. If you lack the necessary wisdom you will choose a Gugu for yourself and then your journey goes into a direction that may take you away from your destination, may be for a few lives.
A Gugu will bind you with dogmas and make you slave of his ideologies and beliefs. He will ask you to die for him and live for him. He will not let you breathe and make you his servant.
A Guru shows you to the shortest path as he has already travelled on it, but it is toughest to travel.  He makes the transformation a reality. A wrong master will take you on a serpentine long path it may be easy as a cake walk but leads you know where.  Transformation is an illusion with him. When you come to the Guru, you feel nourished and confusions dissolves in clarity.  You feel happy and loving. You feel energy and celebration.  You enjoy the freedom that you have never experienced before. Guru helps you soar in sky, he help you see word with much abundance. You feel enriched and fulfilled A Guru will not give you dogmas, will not make you slave of his belief.  He will let you breathe your life. He will give you back your New You. He will not make you his servant he will make you the  Master of yourself.
A zen master choose his disciple and only those who have the possibility of transformation become his choice. It is erroneous to think that disciple choose the master. How can a person with no awareness make a choice for the master. So it is the choice of the master that disciple gets the calling and he goes running to him to surrender. To understand the calling is the wisdom of the disciple and it comes with the grace of the master. True Blessings.