A happy news for space enthusiasts. Fantasy of star trek is now soon going to be a reality. We all have read and viewed star trek fantasy of being teleported to an unknown planet is thousand of galaxies which exist. We have always wondered if there is a life on these galaxies and other planets. Mars is stated to be another planet conducive for life. But fun of star trek is soon going to be recreated. Science has the capability of converting fiction into reality.
A team of Chinese scientists has teleported a photon over 480km from the Earth into a special receiver orbiting the planet.
We’re many years away from sending people across galaxies Star Trek-style, but it still marks a huge leap in quantum mechanics. The researchers brought together several disciplines, including advanced physics and rocket science, for the experiment. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Using a process called quantum entanglement, they teleported the photon to a satellite Micius, which was launched last year. On board the satellite is a sensitive photon receiver capable of picking up the elementary particle when it is sent from Earth.
Quantum entanglement occurs when two objects are formed at the same instant and point in space -existing in two separate places at once.Although they are separated, the two objects are immediately influenced by each other regardless of the distance between them. This is known as “wave function“. Thus, one photon in space and one photon on Earth can be created at the same time with a common quantum link. Scientists said this method could be used to transmit data associated with one object over to the other instantaneously . By altering the state of one they can alter the state of the other.
“Long-distance teleportation has been recognised as a fundamental element in protocols such as large-scale quantum networks and distributed quantum computation,“ the team said.