Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari
Our heart is the center of the universe, for it is from the heart that we feel our expansion to embrace, to hug, to offer our deepest emotions to all beings, and that always brings us the greatest fulfillment. God did not choose to make our head his residence. God always chose to reside in the sacred shrine of our hearts. That is where God lives, that is where our Self lives.
As we go through the pains and tribulations of life, we come to realize that beyond these pains and pleasures there is a higher purpose of life. Here comes that Unseen Force, that Subtle Presence which manifests in our feeling heart. We feel a connection, first as a thought and then as a deeper feeling, a feeling from the center of our being, the heart. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
I feel our heart never pumps blood into our arteries and veins that breath life to each cell of our body, it pumps joy and love through out our body. When our heart center is open, this joy and love flow through our veins and arteries like a beautiful creek, creating the celestial music of inner peace and inner joy. Our cells are rejuvenated, they dance, and we are healthy, healed.
When our heart is closed, we feel a sense of constriction, the flow is obstructed, and we feel a sense of disconnection from the world, lonely, depressed. The creek seems to be dry, it cannot flow, and it cannot dance or sing any more. That is what we see in the society so madly running after money as the only God of the universe. It steals the power of the heart to pump joy and love. The stream of life gets dry. When the true God of love sitting in our heart receives our focus and attention, then the stream becomes alive again; it starts to dance its way to the ocean of joy and love.
Our heart always sees through the eyes of Unity. Head divides. Heart unites. Head discriminates and tries to rule and control. Heart unifies the broken threads of life and tries to harmonize the discordant notes into a divine symphony. For in the heart sits the Master of the ceremony of life. The ceremony is one of celebration and communion, unity and universality. Just feel the heart’s music and be happy!