You work hard to be successful and once you are successful something happens and you taste the failure. It happens with every one, from politician, businessmen, sports person, film star, socialite, anyone.
Managing success is an art. Success with it brings fear of failure. Actually when you taste success for the first time you taste it without actually thinking about it, you work quietly towards it and it comes to you when you are least expecting it. Once you become successful you start thinking about it, you make it your goal and that is where the fear of failure grips you. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Success is a by-product; one need not think about it. And if you think about it, you will not get it – that is a condition. Don’t think about success because if you start thinking about success you become divided. Then you are not totally in the work; your real mind is in the future: How to succeed? You have already started dreaming and your mind has started playing the game of greed, ambition, ego. Never think of success; success is a natural by-product. If you work really sincerely upon yourself, success will follow you just as your shadow follows you. Success should not to be the goal.
If you think too much of success you will be thinking constantly of failure too. They come together, they come in one package. Success and failure cannot be divided from each other. If you think of success, somewhere deep down there will is a fear also. Who knows whether you are going to make it or not? You may fail. Success takes you into the future, gives you a greed game, an ego projection, ambition; and the fear also gives you a shaking, a trembling – you may fail. The possibility of failure makes you waver, and with this wavering, with this greed, with this ambition, your work will not be quiet. Your work will become a turmoil; you will be working here and looking there, you will be walking on this road and looking somewhere far away in the sky. You miss the goal post.