Green represents life, aliveness, freshness. It is the color of the trees. For thousands of years the so-called religions have destroyed all greenery in man’s being. They have left man almost like a dead tree: no foliage, no flowers, no juice flows anymore. Hence humanity seems to be so sad and bored. I want to bring a dance back to humanity. I want human beings to be rooted in the earth again so that juices can start flowing again, so that great foliage, great greenery can happen again.

Unless one blossoms, one remains discontented. A tree is fulfilled when there are flowers, and in the same way man is fulfilled. The flowers of love, of bliss, of freedom, of intelligence, of godliness — only these flowers can give the sense of fulfillment. And the fulfilled person is never sad.

To me, the fulfilled person is a saint; others are only pretenders.