Man is an animal, but not only an animal, he is more also. But that more cannot deny the animal, it has to absorb it. Man is more than an animal, But the animal cannot be denied. It has to be absorbed creatively. You cannot leave it aside, it is in your very roots; you have to use it creatively. So the first thing to remember is not to be negative about your animal heritage. Once you start thinking in negative terms you will become destructive to yourself, because you are ninety nine percent animal.
If you create a division, you are fighting a loosing battle, you cannot win. The result of your fight will be quiet the opposite, because ninety nine percent is animal. Only one percent of mind is conscious, and this one percent cannot win against the ninety percent. It is going to be defeated. That is why there is so much frustration, because everyone is defeated by his own animal. You can never succeed. Of necessity you are going to be a failure, because that one percent cannot succeed against the ninety nine percent. It cannot even be divided from the ninety nine percent. Happyho also provides best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
It is just like a flower: it cannot go against the root, it cannot go against the whole tree. And while you are against your animal heritage, you are being fed by it. You are alive because of it. If your animal dies this moment, you will die immediately. Your mind exists as a flower; your animal heritage is the whole tree. Do not be negative – that is suicidal. And if you are divided against yourself, you can never attain anything which is blissful.
You are creating a hell, and the hell is no where else but in a divided personality. In the split personality is the hell, And hell is not something geographical, hell is psychological – and heaven also. the personality which is a whole, one unit, with no inner division and conflict, is heaven. \
So the first thing to remember is do not be negative. do not divide yourself, do not go against yourself, do not become two. The animal that is there is not something bad. The animal in you is a great potential. That is your past and also your future, because much is hidden in  it. Uncover, develop it, allow it to grow and go beyond it, but do not fight with it. That is one of the basic teachings of Tantra.