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Around 2012, I embarked on my spiritual journey. Tarot and Color Cards were introduced to me around that time. It was love at first sight. I learned the reading by diving deep into my consciousness and started helping my friends and family with my readings.

Soon people started recommending me to others. Under the guidance of my spiritual guide, I’ve done thousands of reading successfully.

Tarot has been around for centuries, history tells us more than one origins of tarot such as Italy, Egypt and medieval England. Even though no one quite knows where it came from, somehow gypsies are credited for endowing the world with the mystical, magical tarot cards.

The Color Cards are there to help a person identify the missing elements and to provide guidance to an enriching and complete life – in pursuit of the inner self.

Just like a puzzle, Color Cards help us put together the missing pieces and complete the picture. Tarot and Color Cards are like mirror to our inner reality (which is mostly lost in our day-to-day life) exactly as we use mirrors to observe our external image.

There is no judgement, good or bad, negative or positive. It just is an interpretation of our inner and outer reality and conflicts. Just like the mirror provides external perspectives, the Tarot and Color Cards provide internal/external as well as hidden perspective to help us make the right choices and take better decisions in life.

For further clarity, Tarot Cards deal with our life’s matters and Color Cards specifically guide us about our inner growth; both are extremely important.

I provide two kinds of sessions in a reading. First session is based on the questions you have and the second session is an open-ended reading hinting towards what you need in your life at this point of time.

Make an appointment for a reading to unlock the matters in hand and to learn about you.

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