Confidence comes from control – a sense that our thoughts and action will have a direct and positive impact on our future. If we ask ourselves that characteristics of confident people, we might come up with a list comprising some of the following:
“Can Do” Mentality
Confident people are prepared to get stuck in because they believe they have the capacity to succeed. this confidence generates the energy needed to do the things that will define success to them. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
High Self Esteem
Confident people have a positive (but not over inflated) opinion of their capabilities
Confident people intuitively feel that the direction they have chosen is a good one – even when they don’t have complete information to justify the decision they make. Perhaps they make the direction right through their own confidence and “Can Do” mentality.
Strong Resolve
Confident people stand up for what they think is right.
Confidence as an energy generator
There is nothing like believing. you can do something to make you want to go out and do it.
We can balance this list by saying that confidence does not always mean success. Confidence be misplaced through lack of realism – thinking that things will be easy or that something will come along. There is also the possibility we could become over confident and arrogant without perhaps realising it. Lack of realism is a subjective argument. What is unrealistic to one person may be entirely feasible to another – and they go out and prove it.
Don’t let a lack of success hurt your self esteem. There are reasons for everything. Conventional wisdom suggest that is unacceptable to blame bad luck for a lack of success when you try something new. However, it is quite acceptable to acknowledge that there are factors outside our control. Sometime an event can change our course, and if we want to, we can attribute our failure to bad luck. But if you do this, there are four important factors to consider:

  1. Bad luck once shouldn’t be a reason to not try again
  2. What we can’t do is factor in the potential for good or bad luck as a reason to do or not to do something in the first place.
  3. Are you certain that bad luck is not being used as convenient excuse?
  4. Success should not be attributed to Luck, but to you and what you you did.

These consideration play a part in building confidence. Success breed confidence and a critical element in the developing pschyic of the positive thinker is to recognise our successes and what it was in us that made us succeed.