We experience nature in it’s many vibrant colors and hues. In north of India we have experienced severe winters recently which has toned down to warmer days yet colder evenings now.
In colder regions of the Earth snow storms happened. Some of us are still clearing our doorways and drive-ins of residual or fresh snow.
In some parts of the world spring too has made inroads with tentative steps. The flowers in multi colors and myriad of fragrances are here all around. From out of the rock crevices the first flowers of that primaveral season are appearing.
These are the pioneers of the great flowering that is to come.
Somewhere momentarily a shadow passes overhead and looking up one is rewarded with the sight of the returning Storks. These magnificent birds will have just arrived from Africa. Happyho also provide best tarot reading services in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Their deep and powerful wing beats take them along the valley and their unerring cardinal instincts point them toward the north.These birds are heading to the north lands to start their families, arriving perhaps in Germany or France by the end of the week.

Many more migratory birds will be flying all over Siberia to reach India in time to roost.
The earth stirs and these are but the first of a billion birds and countless flowers that will grace this place over the coming months.
And we the humans and the animals and the birds will experience these bounties of nature and feel the happiness that is pure and the joy that sprouts from within.