According to the Hindu calendar, the sixth day of Diwali is celebrated as Chhath Puja on the sixth day of the Shukla Paksha of Kartik month. This festival is mainly celebrated in the state of Bihar, India. But now this festival is being celebrated with great pomp all over India. This festival is mainly celebrated for three days in which Nahay Khay, Kharna and Sandhya Arghya are prominent.

It is believed for Chhath Puja that the husband and wife who worship Chhath Mata with full devotion, their health remains fine and childless couples get the happiness of children. Let us know from the famous Pandit Radhe Sharan Shastri of Ayodhya, when will Chhath Puja be celebrated this year and what is its significance.

Chhath Puja is mainly a festival dedicated to the Sun God. It lasts for three days in which it starts with bathing. This year this festival is starting from Monday, November 8.

Chhath Puja starts from Nahay Khay – 08 November 2021, Monday

Kharna – 09 November 2021

Chhath Puja Sandhya Arghya-10 November 2021, Wednesday

Chhath Puja Concludes – 11 November 2021, Thursday, Arghya to the rising sun

Nahay Khay

The first day of Chhath Puja is known as Nahay Khay. On this day the whole family prepares a traditional meal and serves it as bhog in the afternoon, this prepared food is consumed by all the family members.


On the second day of Chhath Puja, women observe a Nirjala fast in Kharna. This fast starts from sunrise and continues till sunset. Women break the fast after worshiping the Sun.

Sandhya Arghya

On this day women fast for one day and break the fast after sunrise the next day.

Importance of Chhath Puja

Chhath Mata Vrat is dedicated to Sun God, Usha, Nature, Water and Air. According to the belief, by observing this fast with reverence and faith, childless couples also get child happiness. It is said that Chhath Vrat (why is Chhath Puja celebrated) is done to protect the children and bring them bright future and happiness in life. By observing this fast with devotion, along with increasing the happiness of children, he also gets success in every field. Thus the fast of Chhath Mata is considered especially fruitful for the devotees.