In nature there is a duality, Its very existence is based on duality. In nature you can attain to happiness as well as to suffering. And however much happiness you desire, you will also have that much suffering. Your capacity to experience happiness will be exactly the same as your capacity to experience suffering. Nature is duality and in state of duality the sides are always equally balanced, always even. If this were not so, nature would be perverted, everything would go haywire.
So as you are moving more to one side, you are gaining momentum to move t the other side. If you wish your reputation to grow, be aware that your notoriety will also grow. It goes along with it. If you wish for good health, no that sickness too is standing just around the corner. And if you want life, you will also have to accept death. You will always have suffering as well as happiness in nature. Nature is duality. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
You have to go beyond because it is duality that is creating all the problems. You have to attain to that moment when duality vanishes. We can such a moment Bliss, We call such a moment peace, we call such a moment Moksha, when both happiness and suffering disappear. Moksha means being beyond duality, when you are being pressurised from  either side, when the opposites are not squeezing you where neither side is fooling you, when the banks vanish and the river is absorbed into the ocean.  That is why we know the banks as friends, because they help us to reach the ocean. But we should not become such friends with them that we remain attached to them and hold back from becoming one with the ocean.
So reverence for nature is reverence for life, and a sensitive use of the laws of life.