Man lives in unconsciousness, unaware. And you can even be with a buddha and nothing his going to  happen to you. Your unconsciousness will be a mountain.
The vibes of a buddha are very delicate. they cannot penetrate your mountains of unconsciousness. If you are conscious, then only can those delicate vibes penetrate you. They are subtle, they are not violent, they are not aggressive. They will not even knock on  your doors, they will not force entry into you. The vibes of a Buddha cannot rape. They come very silently. IF you are utterly quiet, Only then do you become aware of their presence. They come without any noise….. rose petals falling on the ground. Yes, just like that. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
But it is very easy to decide that the master is wrong. In fact, that helps you to remain the way you are: what can you do? – the master is wrong. And then you go on moving from one master to another and hoping ….but you remain the same! if you miss one master, you will miss all of them. In fact, the more you go from one master to another master, you are simply becoming more and more accustom to missing, you are becoming habituated to it. You are learning how to miss. If you miss one, then the to miss the other will be easier, and then to miss the third will be even easier. And if you have been moving to many masters, slowly slowly, you become so efficient in missing that it is almost certain that you will never find a master anywhere.
That is why people cannot find –  not that masters don’t exist. Life is so rich! existence always gives you all possibilities to grow. Masters are available, and always. In no time in no country is it that they are not available. In no clime. However dark is the time on earth, the masters are also available. In fact, the darker it is, the more possibility there is of masters being available.
Krishna says when it is dark and religion is destroyed, I will come. I always come.
So the moments of darkness, of miserable times are the opportunities for masters to bloom. the physicians happen when people are ill. Nature always balances. It always provides your needs.