Life is very complexed. Even if you become the president of a country. It can happen that while walking around the road, seeing a sweeper cleaning the road, and ambition may arise in you – because you don’t have such a healthy body as he has. Seeing an ordinary man, jealousy may arise in you, even if you are the president, because you don’t have such a beautiful face. Someone or other is always ahead of you in one way another. There are thousand ways to ahead in life, and no one can ever be ahead of every one in everything. this paid is always there.
Only the man who drops out of the race to get ahead attains to bliss. Only the man who says to himself, ” I am completely fulfilled where I am – there is no question of getting ahead. I should become totally what I am; the question of comparing myself with anyone doesn’t arise. What ever I am should not be left incomplete; my flower should bloom fully, what ever kind it is. No matter if it is a simple grass flower, it should bloom fully. Whatever way God has made me, I should become complete in that. ” Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
In this there is no comparison with anyone else. When a rose flower blossoms, another, bigger rose may have also blossomed in the neighbourhood. But even if the first rose is a small flower, it is equally blissful and accepting of itself – the whole existence accepts it. It is dancing in the winds just as the big flower is.
There was a zen monk Bokuju. Someone asked him how he could become like him. He replied, ” Please wait. let the people go away first.”
the man waited the whole day. He became tired, he became fed up – someone or other was always present. So by the evening when everyone had left, he said, ” now please do delay any further. I have been sitting here all day long. Now tell me, how can i become like you?”
So Bokuju said, ” Come outside with me.”
There were many trees outside – some were small, some were big. Bokuju said, ” see this tree is small, this tree is big. I have never heard these two trees discussing the fact.  The small one has never enquired from the big one how it can become big, nor has the big one ever asked the small how it can become small….. because the flowers that bloom on the small one don’t bloom on the big one, and they are very fragnant. The big one reaches high into the sky and the small is not as tall. But these two never ask anything of each other, nor do they compare themselves with each other. For many years now they have been near my window: I have never heard any conversation between them, any questioning. And they are equally blissful; there is not one iota of difference in their joy,  because each one has accepted itself. Whatever it is, it is so.