Less is More.  A maxim that guarantees paradigm shift to our consciousness and living. And if we achieve this we attain our kinghood. As children we all have experienced this. We had less of everything when we were child but we lived like a king.
We had less knowledge, less wealth, less ego. And we had more fun, more love, more health and more friends actually we were the king of good times.  Today we have more knowledge but less understanding, we have more wealth but less sharing, we have more medicines but less health, more industries but less environment, We have more food but less digestion, we have more cars and less speed, we have more mind and less happiness.  In other words, today we have more Living but less Life. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
I often like the spirit of gypsies. They travel the world with least belongings. Because they are not rooted to a place they belong to universe. They live under the sky with so much joy that a man cannot get in his best living room. Look at the singing and dancing gypsies they live with lesser baggage and so no bondage. Just essentials for living. Rest is all available in universe.
At the deeper level it seems that world is frightened with the word “Less” so it is busy accumulating “More”. the greed takes over the essential and we think we become king with more but actually we are reduce to be a beggar.  Begging continuously for more, while the kinghood awaits for us at the other side of the spectrum. The problem is our attitude and possessiveness.
Why do people fight they want more control on each other. Freedom is a much abused word. While each one craves for it but goes on becoming slave of a desiring mind.  Mind thrives in More because More is the reaction of the insecurity we have inside. the heart knows less and therefore is capable of loving more. When you are in love you see less of weaknesses and more of goodness in your beloved.