Beauty is not material, and beauty does not belong to parts. Once you dissect a flower, once the wholeness of the flower is gone, beauty is also gone. Beauty belongs to the whole, it is the grace that comes to the whole. It is more than the sum of parts. You can dissect a human being: the moment you dissect, life disappears. Then you know only a dead body, a corpse. You can find out how much aluminium is there, how much iron, how much water: you can find the whole mechanism – the lungs, the kidneys, everything – but one thing is not there that is LIFE. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
One thing is not there and that was the most valuable. One thing is not there and that is what we want to understand really. Everything else is there
Where is that fragile-ness? where is that aliveness, that throb of life? when it was in the rose flower, it was in a totally different arrangement and Life was present. It was full of presence: Life was there beating in its heart. All the parts are there but, you cannot say the parts are the same. They cannot be, because the parts exists in the whole.
Intellect dissects, analyses. It is the instrument of the science. Intelligence is the instrument of religion: it joints together hence one of the greatest sciences of spirituality we have called Yoga. Yoga means a methodology to join. Yoga means to put together. God is the greatest totality, all things together. God is not a person, God is a presence, the presence when the total is functioning in a great harmony – the trees and the bird and the earth and the stars and the moon and the sun and the river and the ocean – all together. That togetherness is God.  If you dissect it, You will never find God. Dissect a man: you cannot find the presence that was making  him alive. Dissect the world: you cannot find the presence that is God.
Intelligence is the method to joining things together. An intelligent person is very synthetical. He always looks for a higher whole, because the meaning is always in the higher whole. He always looks for something in which the lower is dissolved and the function as a part, functions as note in the harmony of the whole, gives its own contribution to the orchestra of the whole but is not separated from it. Intelligence moves upward, Intellect moves downward. Intellect goes to the cause. Intelligence goes to the Goal. Intelligence moves in the future, intellect moves in the past. Intellect produce everything to the lowest denominator. If you ask what Love is, intellect will say nothing but Sex- the lowest denominator. If you ask what prayers is, the intellect will say it is nothing but repressed sex.
Ask intelligence What is sex, an intelligence will say it is nothing but the seed of prayer. It is the potential love. Intellect reduces to the lowest; it reduces everything to the lowest. Ask intellect what a Lotus is it will say nothing, just an illusion, the reality is the mud – because the Lotus come out of the mud and again falls back into the mud. The mud is the real, the Lotus just an illusion the mud remains, the Lotus comes and goes. Ask intelligence what mud is and intelligence will say (It is the potentiality of being a Lotus ). Then mud disappears and million of Lotus flowers.
Intelligence goes to the higher and the higher and its whole effort is to reach to ultimate, to the pinnacle of existence. Because things can be explained only through the higher, not through the lower. You do not explain through the lower you explain a way. And when the lower becomes too important all beauty is lost, all truth and good. Every thing that has any significance is Lost. Then you start crying,  ”  where is the meaning Life?”