We convey more through our presence than through our words. An infant though doesn’t speak any particular language but still can and does convey about all her feelings and desires and requirements through her presence.
Similarly when you get out of the plane and the air hostess greets you with have a pleasant day,  you know that they don’t mean it. But when a loved one says the same it conveys the whole lot meaning and vibes in these words. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
So, basically our mind works on vibes. When positive thoughts come to your mind you become creative and when negative thoughts occur to you you become frustrated.
If you are a student of Quantum physics you know it fully well that we are nothing but vibrations. Everything that is in the universe is vibrations. We all have our very own bio-rhythm i.e. bio vibrations.
But have we ever learnt to do anything about our vibes?
Neither in school nor at home no one teaches us how to do this. What to do when you are not feeling good?  When you are angry. When you feel jealousy. When you don’t feel good, frustrated and sad.
No one teaches us how to get rid of these feelings.
What should we do to uplift our energy and our emotions?
If you ask these questions I would say meditation is the answer.
Why? Because meditation is something that rejuvenates your system. It helps you to recuperate from tiredness. It helps you to get over the wear and tear of the mind and intellect.
The intelligence inside you under go such pressure and wear and tear and the the confusion sets in.
The purpose of meditation is to energize your body. Then bring clarity to your mind,  create harmony in your behavior and understanding of people and situations around you and to have a far sight into the future.
It helps us to have violence free atmosphere around us. Because it creates patience in you. Meditation gives the confidence that nothing is going to go wrong. The confidence of handling the future helps you to gain a lot of power withing yourself.
When you are off your balance,  you feel that situation around you is too overpowering. When you do not have the confidence that you can handle then you feel much weaker and you get angry and you get upset. Subsequently the whole set of negative emotions just sets in.
An atmosphere which is free from fear can only come from positive mindset and positive mindset can only come from deep within.
A disease free body means a quiver free breath. When our breath is shaky our affects our perceptions, observation and our mind tend to get shaky. When pour perceptions and observations need to be normal we need to tend to our breath carefully.
Quiver free breath, confusion free mind, inhibition free intellect, trauma free memory and sorrow free soul;  are the birthright of every individual.
Two minutes of meditation can help to recuperate our energy. Mental energy and physical energy both.
If you are worried inside and you put a smile on your face someone intelligent can make it out.  People can feel the fake smile.
So learn to meditate, fill yourself with mindfulness and live a happy and stress free life.
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