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Self detachment is key factor in mental health

As difficult as detachment from the world is detachment from the self, a form of humility opposed by a culture that instead worships self esteem. It is a contemporary axiom that lack of self esteem is the root of all evil, especially social evils such as violence, delinquency  and academic under achievement, and that strong self esteem is the solution to all problems both personal and social.

Lessons From “Man’s Search For Meaning”

In 1945, within months of his liberation from a concentration camp in Nazi Germany, Viktor Frankl wrote the book ‘Man’s Search For Meaning’. The book not only explored the horrors and suffering that Frankl endured in the camps but majorly, it wanted to answer the question: what makes life worthwhile and meaningful? Here are some heart touching lessons from Man’s Search For Meaning’.

These Sayings By Marcel Proust Will Soothe You

Marcel Proust was a French essayist, novelist and critic, better known for his phenomenal work in ‘A la recherché temps perdu’ (In Search of lost time), which was pseudo autobiographical in nature, narrated in a stream-of-conscious style. He is considered as one of the most influential writers of the 20th century by the English critics. […]