Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari
Mirror work is a very simple way to rediscover your true self. Stand before the mirror and look deeply at yourself without blinking your eyes. Feel your physical presence as vibrant energy and say to yourself, “Blessed am I to be loved by God as I am, I am a blessing, I have only love for all and rejoice in the gift of love from all in my life. All is good, I am protected, and safe in the hands of the Divine to whom I am eternally surrendered.”
It may sound a bit strange, but then how else do you see yourself, how do you see your own face, your own eyes? You have always seen your self through the eyes of others, and as a result your life has always been focused on receiving compliments and appreciation from others. When you got compliments, you were flattered, happy, but if it did not come your way you felt down. Think about it, even if you are perfectly healthy and feeling great, if you go to your work place and five of your associates come one by one and say something like, “Hey, what is wrong with you? You look so down, so pale, is everything ok? You don’t look ok today”. By the time the fifth friend comes, you already are really down and have started doubting your self and feel something must have gone wrong. So many of my friends can’t be wrong! You really start feeling down and low by then. Now what happened to your own self-esteem? The switch to your happiness and wellbeing was not in your hands, it was with your friends! They helped as props all these days to make you feel great, they pulled you down today, the switch was all in their hands! Isn’t it a truly amazing human pattern?
Daily Mirror work helps you to see yourself with awareness, with alertness. Your mirror work is when you are one on one with you, face to face, not the Facebook false face. This kind of auto suggestion and conscious awareness of the blessings that are with you, the gift of your body, the gift of your spirit, the more you start appreciating yourself, the more you RISE in Self Love. That is what mirror work gives you, the opportunity to practice everyday a bit of self-help to see your self from a closer proximity and affirm and re- affirm that you are born with some good qualities, waiting to manifest. The more you recognize them, acknowledge them, the more they blossom in you with your positive affirmations. It really works, trust me. It works. Happyho also provides best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
May you see the good in yourself and help manifest that through your conscious efforts to count your blessings first before picking on what is going wrong in life. How long would you talk about the wrong things?  Things change as you look through a changed vision and attitude. It is all how you see, how you interpret, how you project and how you live. That is all about life.
Life is neither positive nor negative; it is neutral. It is we who add all the colors of joy to it, make it or mar it, so watch yourself in the mirror and remember the miracle that you are!!