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The Mirror of No-Mind Reflects Your Inner Being

Recently a friend, a sincere seeker, sent me a query on Quora: What is the difference of involvement, participation, and witnessing in relation to meditation? What is the difference between totality and concentration?   This is certainly a genuine question of all the seekers on the path. My response is based on my experience and my understanding: […]

An Enlightened Tribute to J. Krishnamurti

in another discourse, Osho says: The death of an enlightened being like J. Krishnamurti is nothing to be sad about, it is something to be celebrated with songs and dances. It is a moment of rejoicing. His death is not a death. He knows his immortality. His death is only the death of the body. But J. Krishnamurti will go on living in the universal consciousness, forever and forever.

Meditate and Create Protective Aura

Recently, there was one report published in Amar Ujala, a daily Hindi newspaper: We would not have believed in this information if it was mentioned in the context of mythology, but now even the modern science is agreeing that the practice of meditation creates a protective armour around the meditators. The physical body of the meditator gets […]

The Beginning of Vipassana: My Experience

I was part of a group of playful sannyasins group when I had the experience of going into Vipassana in an ashram in a certain village called Ajol in Gujarat. The year was 1972, and the Sadhana was to be done for 21 days. The place was totally isolated within the greenfields, so we could never be disturbed by […]

The Temple of Rama and the Secularism of India

Let the Waves of Positivity Spread Across India Once again there is a lot of discussion about Lord Rama, the beloved Godman for all the Hindus, because of the recent judgment by the Supreme court of India, in favour of Rama’s birthplace in Ayodhya. It is interesting to understand the meaning of name of the […]

The Seed and Fruition of Enlightenment

Swami Chaitanya Keerti   Many people often ask me: What does Osho say about the purpose of life. And I tell them what Osho has often said the purposelessness is the very nature of life. This answer shocks them. And to bring them out of this space of shock, I tell them: If you really […]

Meditate and Cheer up

Meditation is very appealing to the intelligent modern man, as it is not some kind of blind faith—it is scientifically observing one’s reality. As Harari says: At least for me, meditation never came into conflict with scientific research. Rather, it has been another valuable tool in the scientific toolkit, especially when trying to understand the human mind.

Don’t Be Coronaoid Move Your Energy and Be A Nataraj

Coronavirus Might Attack the Brain, Too–writes Robert Roy Britt in his article published recently (on the web It’s not yet clear how SARS-CoV-2 might be affecting the brain, but experience with other viruses, including the flu, suggests it certainly could make its way there. Coronaoia seems to have gripped the whole of humanity in the […]