As 2021 approaches and we say good-bye to the unprecedented year of 2020 we see a New Age is crawling toward the dawn of a new civilization. Especially after the Coronavirus humans all over the planet are awakening to a simple understanding that life is not all that appears on the surface. Facebook, twitter, and other social networks are buzzing with Mind Body Spirit Connection. This is the holistic philosophy of life. While science has created all physical comforts and never before has man had such access to everything that can make life easier, yet our minds and hearts are not at EASE. Our Spirit is starving. Discontent in the midst of abundance is a puzzle and also a challenge for humankind all over the world. 

To be whole is to be holy; holistic is not a goal but a consequence. A consequence of the understanding that if we learn to respect our Body as a Divine Gift and our Mind as the bridge between our Body and our Existential Self, then we are moving toward a life of Integration and Regeneration, a life of Wholeness and Wellness.

The gateway to this state of Wholeness and Wellness is “relaxation”. We learn so many things in life, but one thing we all neglect is how to relax. We have learned how to be tense, nay, hyper-tense, leading to hypertension (high blood pressure) but we have not learned the most simple thing from Nature, “not to hurry” but to allow the Doer to flow through us and accomplish what we want to do. That is the difference between the enlightened and ignorant. To attain to a state of ‘non doership’ yet accomplish everything in life, touching every facet of life, enjoying life to the brim, is the task-less task. 

Relaxation is not a task. To be relaxed is to be available to the Divine, so that Divine can work and fulfill a divine mission through us. We can feel the difference between when everything is on our shoulders and when we consciously let go, knowing the One who takes care of the trillions of cells of our body with mathematical precision and harmony can take care of our life and also our family.

When we relax, and learn to auto-suggest, “relax, dear mind,” whenever situations are tense (and our mind starts to react in the same habitual pattern), we soon have clarity in our mind. That clarity gives us the power to commune with the Divine and listen to the Higher Wisdom that is already in us! 

Let us proclaim that this New Year and always we will just relax, love our body, breathe and meditate to quiet our mind, and allow the Spirit to BE! May the New Year gradually lift the pall of this deadly virus and also its frightening new strains from the face of earth and may we not forget the lessons that we all have learned during ’20. Let us make sure we do everything to boost our immunity, and also learn to realise that it is essentially our individual responsibility to gift ourself newer spirits of positive mindsets and also work towards healing the planet which has been bleeding for quite sometime. Let us also make sure apart from running after money and satisfy insatiable greed, we find time for our family and the family of humanity and all creations of Mother Earth!