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What we are thinking is also creating its own corresponding feelings in our body. Thoughts of anger, guilt, shame, lower self-esteem, fear or depression create similar feelings in the body. Similarly, thoughts of inspiration, gratitude, compassion, love and forgiveness create a fragrance of its own. The external situations and persons are only reflections of your […]

Wherever your attention goes, there goes your energy! Your mind takes that color. If you are still stuck to news channels you are allowing your mind to attract low vibrations that will create silent stress and gradually rob your peace and health by breaking your physical, mental, emotional immunity. What you eat through your eyes and ears create your inner environment.  It is your choice what you eat and what you share with others.  Whatever you give will at some point come back to you!  Keep well.   Related posts: Are You Breathing Right? Self detachment is key factor in mental health Ego has deceptive veils creates mental confusion and prevents reality

The reason that those who unwrap the mystery of life are called mystics is because life is mysterious as you are unwrapping it. Mysterious. Nobody could even dream that this world could be like this, even think that such things could even be a possibility. Mysterious are the ways of this world. It is all in me, ultimately the responsibility is mine. That is the purpose that God has sent us into this world. We need to realize everyday is precious to us. We need to realize that every moment is precious to us and we need to make use of these moments not just for selfish ends but to make some positive contribution to others. So we see a better world, within and without.  Related posts: The Feminine Mystery: The Undying Spirit Straighten Yourself Don’t take life for granted

Whatever we think repeatedly even we may not know it, we are actually creating a vibrational invitation. I have been saying this since early 90’s that ‘your thoughts are not just thoughts, but invitations’. Our negative thoughts generated out of fearful apprehension invites negative realites. Stop talking and discussing and feeding your brain with corona […]

The captivity of your wrong negative habits weakens the mind to the extent that mind conspires against you. Among the million things that are going right, the mind gets obsessed with something that went or is going wrong. Depression and suicidal tendencies breed happily in this fertile ground of unbridled emotions. One cannot stop this […]

Hindus have million gods and a million days of worship; maybe our ancestors wanted to make sure that we tread the path of Dharma in this highly distractive material world of desires. God was brought from heavens to the corners of homes and rituals created to tie the mind to god. God is divinity. The […]