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The essence of Dharma, devotion, love, Prayer, and all that connects us to our eternal Self is Patience. It is the bedrock of Sadhana and Siddhi, the practice and perfection. Related posts: Not so perfect? Never mind!! Are your dreams making you impatient? Self – Discipline – the KEY to success! What Swami Vivekananda says […]

Shift your focus from external happiness to inner awakening. At the end of the day, your inner divinity brings calm peace to your life. Related posts: Meditation – A mantra for inner peace! Meditation for Beginners Calm Tips What Swami Vivekananda says about meditation How to find Happiness?

If you indulge yourself in  Spirituality, then give your 100% to it. Let every thought and action be driven in a state of awareness of your Spiritual Self. Related posts: A Look Inside A Spiritual Community | Papae Meditation Retreat Self – Discipline – the KEY to success! Planning to give up? Take a pause! […]

You can avoid a lot of stress by proper planning of the day’s task and doing one thing at a time. Do every activity mindfully so that every action brings a sense of fulfilment and happiness so that your inner Spirit soul is happy! And as a consequence, happiness and health envelopes you. Related posts: […]

Trillions of cells love each other and function in perfect harmony till we destroy it with our wrong thoughts and emotions! If only we loved ourselves a little more, world would be so much better with least of so-called technology and wars! Related posts: Not so perfect? Never mind!! Why Laughter is the best medicine? […]

Why worry when the solution is not in the clamor of your thoughts but in the quiet of the omniscient spirit and silent Mind. Related posts: Meditation for Beginners Calm Tips Are you a “quick fix” addict? Famous quotes talks about meditation What top leader says about meditation Google tips on meditation to help you