By Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari
I love the words of Buddha, “there is no path, the path is created by walking; there is no way to peace and happiness, peace and happiness is the way!”
So how do we walk the path of happiness? The first thing we need to ask ourselves is: Do others control the switch for our happiness?
Our family, friends, workplace, and community are always beyond our control. Yet, the importance we give to what these ‘others’ think of us consumes most of our mind space and controls our pretense of happiness or unhappiness. Awareness about what area of our life is causing unhappiness is the first step toward finding the solution. Just as we unconsciously created the situation in the past that is painful today, so also our conscious efforts to resolve and work with love today will unfold the solution and bring eventual happiness in our life. We are the co-creator of the beauty that is life! Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area
Our thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, and how we interpret the happenings of our life, and how positive our attitude to life is, are the things that decide the course of our life. If we believe someone or some situations are responsible, then we are victimizing our self. We are born to co-create a purposeful happy life for our self, not a self-victimized ill-fated self at the mercy of external situations. The sooner we rid ourselves of the false notion that something or someone will make us happy, the better for us!
When we unconsciously mumble in our minds about something that we don’t like, or about some hurt feeling of the past, what we are actually doing is affirming our wish to be unhappy, even in the future, through negative affirmation. Positive affirmation of a pro-life attitude cannot be developed overnight, for so much undoing is needed to clear the mind of negative thoughts. We have to persevere. The mantra for happiness is to let go of the unwanted negative clutter in the mind and welcome the whole and holy to allow the mind to be soaked with positive energy, bestowing upon us health and happiness now and in the future
Let us start our day with the thought that we will not surrender to our unconscious, habitual pattern of battling with external forces that steal our happiness, but keep awake to the realization that we are a spirit-soul free from ego-prison. We are a happy soul, detached from sense-bound pains and worries. True peace and happiness is only in our soul, not in our restless monkey mind. To be mindful is to be soulful.
Things can be done better. If we are to be happy in life we need to watch what we ingest in our mind through all our senses. We should only keep company with those that accompany us in the path of dharma. Our happiness is completely our responsibility; we can’t credit anyone for it, nor can we blame anyone if we don’t achieve it. Let us live every moment mindfully so that our senses keep company with the holy, and our mind holds on to God. Only a God-conscious life is happy life!
We don’t need much to be happy! What we need is remembrance of our true friend, your Beloved who is in our heart, ever waiting to be loved. Once we are connected to our inner spirit then life will flow out like a dancing creek with crystal clear water! Our happiness is the seed for others’ happiness. It can never be any other way! We give happiness and it will return to us manifold!
Let us find reasons to fill our mind with vibrations of joy and smiles; it is only when we are happy that we can share vibrations of happiness to those who come in touch with us! We are not physical beings but vibrational beings of light and love!
We are here to be happy! Only walking the path of happiness and peace can give us happiness and peace, as Buddha so wisely taught. The choice is ours. One simple practice is to communicate mindfully, lovingly, with the body language that shows we respect everyone’s place on earth. Be mindful, be happy and spread the celebration of life all around! Then all will be blessed when they come in contact with us. Happy ho!