Millions of people are living according to the mirror. They think that what they see in the mirror is there face. They think this is their name, this their identity and that is all.
You will have to go a little deeper. you will have to close your eyes. You will have to watch within. you will have to become Silent. Unless you come to a point of absolute silence inside, you will never know who you are. I cannot tell it to you there is no way of telling it. Everybody has to find it. But you are – that much is certain. The only question is to reach to your inner most core, to find yourself. And thats what I have been teaching all these years. What I call meditation is nothing but to device to find yourself. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Don’t ask anybody you have the answer within you, and you have to go deep down into yourself to discover it. And it is so close – just a hundred and eighty degree turn and you will be facing it.
And you will be surprised that you are not your name, you are not your face, you are not your body, you are not even your mind.
You are part of this whole existence of all its beauty, grandeur, blissfulness its tremendous ecstasy.
Knowing oneself is all that consciousness means.
The Body in itself is nothing. It is luminous because of something that is beyond the body. The glory of the body is not the body itself – it is a host – the glory is because of the guest. If you forget the guest then it is a sheer indulgence. If you remember the guest then loving the body, celebrating the body is part of worship.
The modern worship of the body is meaningless. Hence, people go after health food massage, rolfing and in a thousand and one ways they somehow try to create meaning in their lives. But look into their eyes, a great emptiness exists. You can see they missed the target. The fragrance is not there, the flower has not flowered. Deep inside, they are just desert like, lost, not knowing what to do. They go on doing many things for the body, but they are missing the target.