We understand the age in terms of ageing of our body. Mostly old people refer to their age in terms of their body. The lovely movie of Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett, “Curious Case of Benjamin Button” in which the lead character ages in reverse. And as he grows his body becomes young and energetic. It is indeed a curious way to look at the process of ageing. A very good feeling about one’s own body helps life tremendously. It makes you more healthy more whole. Many people have forgotten their bodies, they have become oblivious and they think that the body is something that has to be hidden behind clothes, something that always has to be covered and not allowed to be seen, something obscene, impure. Absurd notions, neurotic notions. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
The body is beautiful. The body as such is beautiful, young or old makes no difference. Of course youth has its own beauty and old age its own.
The young body is more vital. The old body is more wise. Each age has its own beauty: there is no need to compare them. And, particularly in the west, the old body has become a very frightening concept because life is some how thought synonymous with youth, which is foolish. It is better in the east. Life there is seen more synonymous with the old, because an old man has lived more, experienced more, loved more; has known many seasons of life, ups and downs. The old man has lived youth. The youth has yet to live the old age.
The old body simply carries all the experiences, the scars, the wounds, the grace that comes through ripening experiences. And once you start enjoying your body and loving it at whatever stage it is, suddenly you feel it is again beautiful and that releases many things inside.