On this very auspicious day of Maha Shivratri I wish you all wellness and happiness. May we dwell on our innate Shiva consciousness and grow in light and love to share with all. Fill yourself with happiness for all that Lord has given you and let the life be one of expression of gratitude and love, harmony and peace. May our soul’s consciousness manifest in all its serenity and splendour and bring peace in the world. On this auspicious day let us commit that we have come to Mother Earth only to realize that we are not jiva or individualized soul, but we are Shiva, the Light of all lights! Let us share the light of love and truth with everyone we meet and walk together in the Spirit of universal oneness.

When the God in us is sleeping, we are an ordinary mortal (jiva). When God in us awakens we become the immortal one (Shiva). The difference between jiva and Shiva is the state of mind. We are ‘jiva’ as long as we are instinctively reactive and discontent; we are ‘Shiva’ when ego dies, false vanity drops and we are in a state of spontaneous bliss, which is Ananda.  Jiva is a free soul assuming ignorance and bondage. Shiva is a state of the release from this false assumption. We are here as Jiva but we will one day become Shiva. We will come and go, play the role of ignorant Jiva but gradually learn the highest possibility and practice and flower into Shivahood. 

It is one thing to fast, worship and sing the glory of Lord Shiva on this Maha Shivaratri day, and continue life as usual from the next day, which most do. So on Shivaratri, let us not just keep awake at night seeing all kinds of spiritual entertainment, if possible let us make a sincere effort to live the spirit of Shiva day after day after day, till we are one with Shiva.  We can all resolve and work hard to be more mindful paying attention moment to moment by expressing the Shiva within. When we are less reactive and more kind and loving we create a ground for continual flowering from within.

Shiva is most pleased with water. Let us be like water, fluid, flexible, colorless, formless, yet the very essence of life without which none of us will survive in this planet. Breathe Shiva, bathe Him in the water of your tears, and dance for He is Nataraja! It is for us to say to God, ‘Here I am, done with the play of ignorance, now I want You and nothing else.’ When this prayer possesses the seeker, the Grace descends, knots of ignorance are cut and Jiva becomes Shiva.  Shiva! Shiva! Shiva! 

Therefore, on this auspicious day may our consciousness be soaked with divine fragrance of Lord Shiva’s Presence. Know that when we are unscathed by inner and outer distractions, when our heart is in sync with Shiva-consciousness then we are celebrating Shiva Ratri in truest sense. Meditate upon the form of Mrityunjaya Shiva and be free from all fetters. Om Namah Shivaya!