Explain the relationship of the two eyes with the third eye. In which way do the techniques concern with looking affect the third eye?
Firstly, two points are to be understood. One, the energy of the third eye is really the same as that which moves in the two ordinary eyes – the same energy. It begins to move in a new centre. The third eye is already there, but non functioning, and it cannot see unless these ordinary eyes become unseeing.
The same energy has to move in it. When the energy is not moving in the two eyes it can move in the third, and when it moves in the third the two eyes will become unseeing. They will be there, but you won’t be able to see through them. that energy that looks through them will be absent; it will move through a new centre. The centre is between these two eyes. It is already there, complete; any movement it can function. But it needs energy to function and the same energy has to be diverted. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Secondly, when you are seeing through the two eyes you seeing through the physical body. the third eye is not really a part of the physical body. It is a part of the second body which is hidden – the Subtle body, the Sushama sharir. It has a corresponding spot in the physical body, but it is not a part of it. that is why Physiology  cannot believe that there exists a third eye or anything like it, because your skull can be analysed, penetrated, Xrayed, and there is no point, no physical entity which can be said to the third eye. the third eye is part of the subtle body, the Sukshama Shari. When you die your physical body dies, but your sukshama sharir, your subtle body moves with you; it takes another birth. Unless the subtle body dies, you can never be freed from the circle of birth-death, rebirth – redeath. the circle moves on
The third eye belongs to the subtle body. when the energy is moving through the physical body, you are looking through the physical eyes that is why through the physical eyes you cannot look at anything other than physical, than the material. the two eyes are physical. through these eyes you cannot look at any thing, cannot see anything which is not physical.
Only with the third eye functioning can you enter a different dimension. You can see things which are invisible to the physical eyes, but are visible to subtle eyes. Then, with the third eye functioning, if you look at the person you look at this soul, at his spirit, not as his body – just like you look at the physical body through the physical eyes, but you cannot see the soul. the same happens when you look through the third eye; you look and the body is not there, just the one who resides in the body.