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Happiness is the fruit of compassion and response

It is not the external situations and circumstances that create stress; it is our reaction. Spirituality is to rise above a reaction that is ego driven to a response that can come through pause, mindfulness, alertness. Happiness is the fruit of compassion and response! Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and […]

Relaxation is the gateway to the world of infinite wisdom and creativity

Relaxation is the gateway to the world of infinite wisdom and creativity! The most wondrous discoveries in the world of science, art, literature, music, have come to humanity through the doors of human minds in a state of relaxed poise and sudden revelation of intuitive rapture! Become the conduit; the instrument of the Divine, all […]

Think happy thoughts and may your world be one of joy and peace

Thoughts are not just thoughts, they are invitations! Yes, you invite the positive or negative happenings into your life through repetitive thoughts of the same patterns. Back up your positive thoughts with emotions and love and trust for it and it will manifest. Think not those thoughts that you would not be happy if it […]

Thoughts and belief are are your true guide for Happiness

Two things decide the fate of our life, one is thought and the other is belief. Happy people are always healthy for they consciously only choose to nurture positive thoughts and affirm positive possibilities. Those who are successful have a strong self belief. It is the belief that I will overcome every obstacle and live […]