Become an indifferent watcher. Mind exists with your cooperation or your conflict. Both are ways, cooperating or conflict too,  when you fight with the mind you are giving energy to it.

In your very fight you have accepted the mind. In your fighting you have accepted the power of the mind over your being. So whether you cooperate or you conflict in bot the case the mind becomes stronger and stronger. Just watch. Just be a witness. and by and by you will see the gaps arising. Happyho also provides best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area

A thought passes and another thought does not come immediately, there is an interval. In that interval is peace. In that interval is all that you have always been seeking and finding never. In that gap you  are no more an ego. In that gap you are not defined, confined and imprisoned.

in that gap you are vast immense, huge! in that gap you are one with the existence, the barrier exists not. Your boundaries are no more there. You melt into existence and the existence melts in you. You start overlapping.

If you go on watching and you don’t get attached to these gaps either because that is natural now, If you start hankering for these gaps because they are tremendously beautiful they are immensely blissful. It is natural to get attached to them and desire arises to have more and more of these gaps and then you will miss, then your watcher has disappeared.

Then those gaps will again disappear, and again the traffic of the mind will be there. So the first thing is to become an indifferent watcher.

And the second thins is to remember that when beautiful gaps arise, don’t get attached to them don’t start asking for them, don’t start waiting that they should happen more often. If you remember these two things when beautiful gaps come with them too and keep your indifference alive than one the traffic simply disappears with the road, they both they both disappear.

And there is tremendous emptiness…….