Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari
I truly admire the concept of Happy HO! this is a wonderful platform where seekers of love and peace, joy and celebration can meet, rejoice, rejuvenate and exchange notes on their journey to the world of happiness beyond the cycles of pains and pleasures. And what a name for the product offered!! Happy Ho. Knowing the only truth of life is to seek and find happiness, all the programs offered here are to make every one happy. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
The other day I got a call from America, a devotee asking “what is the meaning of ‘Ho’?” She hails from US and had no idea about this Hindi world ‘ho’. I told her, ho means Be. We want to BE happy! For that matter, who doesn’t want to be happy?
We hear be aware, be conscious, be mindful, be authentic, be your self. But what do we mean by “be”? What is our being-ness?
As humans our uniqueness is that we can be “self-conscious.” Other species can’t. This gives us the greatest gift of life, “self-awareness”.
We are not just humans as a species but have a being, which is the quantum ground of our existence. It is to be where we are in full awareness of the inner and the outer world. It is to be non-judgmental about our thoughts but conscious of them. It is to bring the coveted balance between the left and the right brains. It is to be in charge of our self without handing over the switch of happiness to someone else. It is to allow the birthing of a new consciousness that unites and celebrates life.
However most of us are living our lives on auto pilot mode. We don’t so much stop and think why we do what we do! As a result we keep feeding our mind unconsciously with more junk. This creates a distance between our real Self and our working mind, from our innate nature of pure bliss and happiness to a state of stress, anxiety, fear and frustrations. This happens because we are constantly seeking and searching for happiness but end up chasing the mirage of pleasure which eventually turns up to be a source of fear and pain. Most often we end up nurturing unknowingly those thoughts and tendencies that invariably land us in unpleasant, unhappy situations.
The whole art of mindfulness and meditation revolves around the natural tendency of humans to be happy and not get caught up in the pleasure pain cycles. The wise ones always teach us to be aware of awareness, to be conscious of consciousness, to explore the inner space where the fountain of joy and happiness is waiting for us to just work and remove the stone that covers the mouth of the fountain so that it can gush forth flooding the being with joy eternal, which is our birth right as humans.
If we watch in the entire animal kingdom there is a sense of ease; in the whole of nature if we can learn anything it is a very simple lesson of accomplishing so much without the ego of doing. We so much enjoy a visit to a place of nature to see the animals in their natural habitat. We love our pets more than anything. They show to us what is selfless love. They show to us what it is to be natural. Nothing is dearer to us than to be in our natural state.
That is the retreat we are looking for. To retreat back to our Beingness, our existential reality, our core inner shrine where lives our Master.
To Be happy is to live with the awareness that we don’t have a better friend in this world than our own mind, which through training is anchored in the spirit of our inner light. We have to come to our self to be truly happy, to truly sustain happiness.
We are unhappy for we have moved away from our true Self, and are living the life of pretense, wearing masks to satisfy the demands of the blind society and so called ‘others’.
To be happy there is no other goal but to realize that we have to be independent. We have to accept full responsibility for our self first and foremost. We have to gift our self the time where we are face to face with our own self, which is what meditation is. Then gradually our mind starts to get filtered and as it is filtered we start to experience our home is in order. Instead of a state of frustration, we feel a sense of homecoming and restfulness.
The universe wants us to BE happy. But do we want to be happy? If yes, then we have to shed the unwanted clutter of our mind and commit ourselves to a life of conscious effort to be alive and awake and not get entangled into the repetitive, reactive field of unconscious auto pilot mode of life. We have to take baby steps toward awakening into the infinite potentials of our pristine Mind. If we take one step, the universe, the Divine will take seven steps to help us move on the path to Light. Only through our efforts can we experience the perennial flow of Grace, which is the sole reality of the higher world.
Be happy by walking the path of happiness. Happy HO!!