Happy Ho session @ work place was organised for a group of selected participants at the global head quarters of Happy Ho in Noida, India. Since anger is rising in the society it is important to understand the alchemy of anger. Participants drawn from varied walks of life shared their experiences and also their current way of dealing with such situations.
Jwalant Swaroop CEO of Happy Ho and coach explained the alchemy of anger to the participants in a two hour session. He emphasised the point that anger is avoidable. The conscious effort to manage the anger can reduce its occurrence. He said that we go on poisoning the mind with negative emotions and anger is formed as a suppressed fear. Swaroop helped participants to look within and revisit the memory of an angry moment and look for the fear associated with it. He than went on explaining the deceptions of mind which creates fear and is expressed as anger. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Participants experienced the change occurring in the calm breath with the recall of the anger memory. Swaroop helped participants to work on the aroused breath to calm down by being watcher to the breath. In the second session participants experimented with erasing the anger memory using a NLP method.