We seem to have spent our life fixing others. Now Sakshibhav Meditation brings us to our own Self. When we live in the present moment we are connected to our reservoir of infinite happiness that is not out there but in the stillness of our unwavering mind. All we are seeking is the sought! We are seeking our own Self, our Beloved.

Identified with the ever-changing body and mind we live in fear and anxieties with occasional pleasures. Many a time situations arise and we are stuck with a problem of indecisiveness. Often decisions taken in haste create unpleasant consequences. All these situations remind us of the deep need for culture of concentration and attention. Happy Ho organizes best Meditation and Tarot classes in Noida and Delhi NCR area in India.

As we practice Sakshibhav Meditation, our brain learns to handle one thing at a time. From a crowd state we come to a calm state of mind. From an unconscious life of default we move to awakened consciousness. When we lift our mind and become aware of our breath, when we become aware of our deeper Self, the Sakshi or witness, we no longer resist, react, or fan anger and frustrations. We just remain in that state of Sakshi while our nature follows our own destiny. Happiness is in our Being, not in our doing.

However, as long as we are dipped in unconsciousness and do things without ever knowing who the real “doer” is, so long we oscillate between attraction and aversion, desires and bondage, temporary happiness and eventual miseries. The package of fate is created out of it. We need to retreat back to the Source and be conscious and aware. The goal is to see the world from the inner state of Witnessing. Once we are back to Sakshibhav, we are free from the clutches of Karma.

Meditation is not for us alone to be happy and successful. As we practice Sakshibhav Meditation, we catch some moments out of our busy life, where for a few seconds to minutes, we withdraw from our unconscious doings to our breath. With a smile we breathe knowingly, with awareness of non-doing. We are lifted up and instantly we feel a sense of calmness, divine grace descends, we feel energised and we then pray for all beings to be healed and happy. That is the purpose of meditation, to feel happiness in the midst of happiness of others. We have started breaking the borders of body-mind and expanding into vast Oneness.

But when something happens in life we get pulled to trying to fix others instead and we lose contact with our Sakshi. Over a period of time the negative forces get hold of us and when we are disconnected from our Being, we feel pain.  We are unhappy because we are separated from our Beloved. Separation is painful. When mother is separated from the child both suffer. When marriages fail and spouses go through a legal process of separation, it is painful. When we are with our Beloved we are happy. The Witness or Sakshi within is our Beloved, our own Self.

Sakshibhav Meditation brings us back to our Beloved again and again until we are back Home to be in the divine embrace of our eternal Lover! Then and then alone we become content and peaceful, kind and loving to others, effortlessly. Then we move inward, are quiet, surf our breaths, and truly surrender to the Moment. Then we are the Sakshi of the magic of life in its natural state! Sakshibhav meditation is the awakening to a divine life on earth. A peaceful life of love and harmony, for us and for others.