Love creates emotional wellness. Love has its own meditation. But you do not know love; you know only sex and you know the misery of waisting energy. Then you get depressed after it. Then you decide to take a wow of Brahamcharya. celibacy. And this wow is taken in depression, this wow is taken in anger, this wow is taken in frustration. It is not going to help. It destroys the emotional wellness quotient of the person.
A wow can be helpful if taken in a very relaxed, deeply meditative mood. Otherwise you are simply showing your anger, your frustration and nothing else, and you will forget the wow within twenty four hours. The energy will have come again, and just as an old routine you will have to release it. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
Tantra says, sex is very deep because it is life. But you can be interested in Tantra for the wrong reasons. Do not be interested in Tantra for wrong reasons, and then you will not feel that Tantra is dangerous. Then tantra is life transforming. Tantra is the very foundation of emotional wellness
Some tantric methods have been used by Yoga also, but with a conflict, a fighting attitude. Tantra uses the same methods, but with a very loving attitude – and that makes a great difference. The very quality of the technique changes. The techniques becomes different because the whole background is different.
It has been asked, what is the central subject matter of Tantra? The answer is You! You are the central subject matter of tantra: what you are right now and what is hidden in you that can grow, what you are and what you can be. Right now you are a sex unit, and unless this unit is understood deeply you cannot become a spirit, you cannot become a spiritual unit. Sexuality and spirituality are two ends of one energy.
Tantra starts with you as you are; Yoga starts with what your possibility is. Yoga starts with the end; Tantra starts with the beginning. And it is good to start with the beginning. It is always good to begin with the beginning, Because if the end is made the beginning, then you are creating unnecessary miseries for yourself. You are not the end – not the ideal. You have to become a God, the ideal and you are just an animal. And this animal goes berserk because of the ideal of the God; it goes mad, it goes crazy.
Tantra says, forget the God. If you are the animal, understand this animal in its totality. In that understanding itself, the God will grow. And if it cannot grow through that understanding then forget it, it can never be. Ideals cannot bring you possibilities out; Only the knowledge of the real will help. So you are the central subject matter of Tantra, As you are and as you become, your actuality and your possibility – they are the subject matter.
Some times people get worried. If you go to understand Tantra, God is not discussed, Moksha – liberation – is not discussed, nirvana is not discussed. What type of religion is tantra? Tantra discusses things which make you feel disgusted, which you do not want to discuss. Who want to discuss sex? everyone thinks he knows about it. Because you can reproduce, you think you know. No-one wants to discuss sex and sex is everyone’s problem. No one wants to discuss love because everyone feels he is a great lover already. and look at your life! it is just hatred and nothing else. And what so ever you call love is nothing but a relaxation, a little relaxation , of the hatred. Look around you, and then you will know what you know about love.