Guided Meditation with a Mental Health Expert for Slowing Thoughts & Returning to Present

Join our 7-minute guided meditation, where nurse practitioner Guillaume Tremblay of the Brockville Mental Health Centre walks us through beginner breathing exercises to help slow our thoughts and bring us back to the present. Guided meditation is an excellent way to practice good mental hygiene. — Mental Hygiene is a form of preventative maintenance, and the concept of doing small things daily that support our mental health. We know that we should shower, brush our teeth, and get a good night’s sleep daily to stay on top of our physical and dental hygiene, but there’s currently no guidance around daily maintenance of our brains. By video committing to spending as little as 10 minutes per day on mental hygiene practices, research shows that they can have a significant impact on improving your overall wellness. One of these practices is guided meditation. Learn more about mental hygiene