Beliefs can be a matter of choice. You can drop beliefs that limit you and build beliefs that will make your life more fun and more successful. Positive beliefs allow you to find out what could be true and how capable you are. They are permissions to explore and play in the world of possibility. What beliefs are worth having that will enable and support you in your goals? think of some of the beliefs you have about yourself. Are they useful? Are they permissions or barriers? We all have core beliefs about love, and what is important in life. We have many others about our possibilities and happiness that we have created, and can change. An essential part of being successful is having beliefs that allow you to be successful. Empowering beliefs will not guarantee you success every time, but they keep you resourceful and capable of succeeding in the end. Happyho also provide best Meditation classes and yoga classes in Noida and Delhi NCR India area.
There have been some studies at Stanford University on self efficacy expectation, or how behaviour changes to match a new belief. The study was about how well people think they do something, compare to how well they actually do it a variety tasks were used from mathematics to snake handling.
At first beliefs and performance matched, people performed as they thought they would. Then researchers set about building the subjects, belief in themselves by setting goals, arranging demonstrations and giving them expert coaching. Expectations rose but performance typically dropped because they were trying out new techniques. There was a point of maximum difference between what they believed they could do, and what they are actually achieving. If the subjects stuck to the task their performance would rise to meet their expectations. If they became discouraged, it dropped to its initial levels. Think for a moment of three beliefs that have limited you. Go ahead and write them down.
Now in your mind look into a huge, ugly mirror. Imagine how your life will be in five years if you continue to act as if these limiting beliefs were true. How will your life be in ten years? In twenty?
Take a moment to clear your mind. Stand up, walk around or take a few deep breaths. Now think of three new beliefs that would Empower you, that would truly enhance the quality of your life. You can stop for a few seconds to write these down now.
In your mind, look into a big, friendly mirror. Imagine yourself acting as if these new beliefs were really true. How will your life be in five years now? in Ten years? in twenty? changing beliefs allows behaviour to change and it changes quickest if you are given a capability or strategy to accomplish the task. You can also change a persons beliefs through changing their behaviour but this is not so reliable. Some people are never convinced by repeated experiences. They are only disconnected coincidences.
Beliefs are an important part of our personality, yet they are expressed in extra ordinarily simple terms if I do this ………….then that will happen…..I can……I cannot………. and these are translated into : I must ……..I should……..I must not………words become compelling how do these words gain their power over us? Language is an essential part of the process we use to understand the word and express our beliefs.